What is Gaia U?

What Gaia U is not:

  • A Permaculture Site – we do not own land or run a permaculture farm
  • An Ecovillage – we do not live in a community-style village together
  • A brick and mortar university – as an international online university we do not have a fixed campus, nor do we offer classes in a semester- or quarter-based system
  • A traditional online university – we do not offer online instructor-led, semester- or quarter-length subject-based courses with homework and tests

Then what is Gaia University?

  • two drillers with attitudeA blended learning university - Gaia University Int’l is a university offering a blended system of online, guided course-work combined with on-the-ground, hands-on project work. We are an institution of higher learning that offers mentoring, online courses, diploma certificate programs, and externally-accredited Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science Degrees and a Post-Masters Graduate Diploma
  • A university with a unique learning methodology - Gaia U is founded on a learning methodology called Transformational Action Learning and Research and as such focuses on project-based learning rather than purely academic learning
  • An organization based on principles of permaculture and ecovillage design - Gaia U operates within the permaculture ethics of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.  Permaculture and ecovillage design and principles are both fields of inquiry that greatly influence the strategy of our organization and the design and development of all our structures, systems and decisions throughout the organization
  • A repository for the knowledge commons of ecosocial regeneration - Gaia U is a steward and librarian of the knowledge commons in the domain of ecosocial regeneration.  The work and learning our associates do and document continuously enriches the field and deepens the knowledge base of sustainability
  • An international network of world-changers – connected by passion, purpose, principles and an online community, Gaia U is an expanding collaborative network of people actively engaged in experimenting, documenting and implementing solutions for planetary transformation