• For me, there is no separation between my private and work life, my life and my learning. These delineations within conventional universities feel like an artificial framework to me. Within the Gaia University system you can lay your whole life on the table and your entire life becomes your area of study.

    Gaia University is a very special system with a lot of freedom that resonates with my need to think and act on my own. Yet when I need support, it is there. At Gaia University, I feel at home. I find it very inspiring – with tons of outlets for my creativity and thinking.

  • Gaia University is creating a new profession: "world-changer". We hold a safe space for people to learn and to develop their potential to change the world. The future of this planet depends on people learning to act as self-directed, self-responsible members of the community ‘Earth’, with open minds and open hearts.

    All the trainings I have done and the skills I have developed are funneled into my work in Gaia Action Learning Academy. It is the conflation of a lifelong learning and implementing process. I love the combination of inner work with the creativity of designing workshops and organizing. The personal advising process and my work together with a network of passionate and exceedingly aware people is highly rewarding, supporting my own life visions and goals.

    Association Organizer for GALA, Germany
  • Gaia U supports my work in the field of ecosocial regeneration through a dynamic mentoring system and a thriving global network. I have experienced nothing like it for collaborative learning, integrative design training, and the passionate deepening of our connection to natural systems and each other.

    I love advising at Gaia University because I get to support the people behind the projects that are moving our world. Advising builds long-term mentoring relationships of mutual support and collaboration -- weaving together the fabric of a regenerative ecosocial culture.

  • I heard about Gaia University in 2004 and I was immediately hooked. In 2006 I was initiated as an advisor and began to develop Gaia Southeast. My skills and experiences with fair share and earth, people, and self care, help me with my advising and conscious designing. This broad tool kit enables me to take an integrative approach to supporting associates.

    Totally inspired in my engagement with life and dedicated to a regenerative way of living, I am passionate about combining my holistic world-view and whole systems and whole person design approaches into my advising. My greatest inspirations are to live my values, manifest my passions, and to contribute to healing the self, society and the planet. I’m also committed to empowering others to connect with their own core values, passions and life purpose, and to help them access the appropriate resources, conscious action management steps, and the clear articulation of possible life designs - towards manifesting their highest potential.

    I love to support, collaborate, create, contribute and engage with people. Advising fulfills me on these many levels.

    Director of Advisory Services
  • Gaia University has enabled me to sharpen my skills as a regenerative designer. With the support of an international community, a project is developing that is my own living thesis of permaculture practice. This began by asking, 'How can I act in a way that empowers others to organize for sustainability?'

    My role in the world has been clarified and a long term pathway begun – one that is already enabling me to realize my dreams. I am emerging as a practiced sustainability professional, collaborating with a learning community of leaders, from local to global, to bring a new world into being.

  • When I found out about Gaia University, it felt to me like a dream come true. Finally – a model of learning and exploring that offers the utmost freedom and challenge to chart my own path, and at the same time, the opportunity to call upon and receive advice and feedback on all aspects of this action learning approach from experts.

    It has been such a deeply enriching experience to integrate the mental, physical, emotional, practical and personal – in short, all aspects of my life – and make them essential parts of my inquiry.

  • Gaia U allowed me to slow down and catch up with what was at the core of all my studies and projects – me. Having the chance to fully integrate my personal with my professional and academic life caused a quantum leap for the quality, depth and integrity of who I am being in the world. The program also opened the door for me to participate in an ongoing conversation with world changers from all over the planet, a conversation that is transforming us, our contexts and communities along the way. To continue this conversation now in the role of an advisor feels like being able to pay forward of the support and bounty that I have received.

    My commitment is to support associates in connecting with their own self, their gifts and their passions and deep longings, to find their purpose in life, one step at a time. I believe that we all have an important, essential puzzle for the grand vision of a good life for all of creation. Your piece of the puzzle is needed and awaited.

    I enjoy listening deeply, asking questions that create space for understanding, creativity, vision and forward movement. I love helping you discover your own questions, your own understanding.

    Being able to accompany and guide someone in exploring, designing and unfolding of his or her own unique life and learning path continuous to be a tremendous source of hope and inspiration in my life.

  • The combination of peer and advisor support proved to be the right training ground for learning documentation and growth in my occupation as a mentor. Although studying meant hard work, it soon became clear that along with studying came freedom and creativity in the learning and designing processes of my own projects.

  • Gaia University is incredibly inspiring to me, affirming my faith that human consciousness is evolving towards a regenerative presence on this planet. I have felt nourished and supported by the network and the community of people who I have engaged with through Gaia U. I am grateful for the many ways Gaia U challenges me to strive towards powerful goals and supports me in manifesting them.

  • Perhaps what I appreciate most about being an advisor at Gaia U is listening to people’s stories. My best role is really that of a questioner. The deepest mentoring is not giving advice or assignments, but listening and helping people to uncover their gifts. The right questions can help people discover where their real curiosity lies, what their sacred questions are, how to move forward with their life ambitions and how to live in their highest integrity – while taking care of themselves, their communities and their relationship with nature.

    It has been such a powerful experience to weave Gaia University’s core principles and models into my own thinking, and then see the organization have the agility and openness to weave aspects of my thinking into its own emergent design. It is a co-creative process. I appreciate that Gaia University is an organization for action-learning that is being 'action learned', that is, it changes based on what we co-learn over time. This is so hopeful. Most conventional Universities do not change that quickly, or with as much ease and grace.

  • Through this innovative educational process of action learning – mapping my process and documenting my projects – I have been able to deepen the relationship between my inner process and the work I do in the world. This is the educational system of the future.

    Association Organizer for Gaia RDI
  • Gaia University has given me the opportunity to design the life of my dreams in a practical way. My advisors take the well-being of my whole life into account as we design my year. It's the perfect combination of freedom and support.

    Gaia University has created an extremely effective model for learning. It’s the opposite of cramming for a test and regurgitating information – and then forgetting the information once the test is over. Gaia U supports you to follow your passion and incorporate your learning into your life.

    Have you ever been sitting in a classroom and asked yourself, 'When am I ever going to use this information in the real world?' I haven’t once asked myself that question during my time at Gaia U. That’s because my classroom is the world, and my curriculum is learning to be an effective world-changer.

    I don't need to wait until I get out of school to be able to change the world – I can do it right now!

  • Gaia University has given me the freedom and skill-flexes to pursue my dreams in a tangible way. The school's action learning methodology and support network of creative leaders has enabled me to accelerate the achievement of my personal goals and fine-tune my career.

  • Gaia University has connected me to a dynamic network of world changers who provide deep inspiration and support. It gave me the opportunity to earn a diploma while simultaneously developing a sustainability education business.

  • Gaia University acknowledged the years of hands-on learning I had done while supporting me to further integrate my life-long passions. I am forever grateful to Gaia University for coupling action-oriented learning with sustainable living.

  • With the support of Gaia University I have organised my own learning for ecosocial regeneration. This has enabled me to learn, in action, while developing a world changing project.

    I feel more connected and resilient than ever. From the relationships that have formed with my neighbors as we explore how to reinvigorate a local economy, to the bioregional family that is growing around us and organizing for food security, to the Permaculture Institute that is stepping up to lead the transition in my country.

    Through Gaia University I am part of a global movement organizing for a paradigm shift, looking to leverage our global interconnectedness to accelerate local transformation.

  • My Intergrative Ecosocial Design program with Gaia U has been a juicy catalyst for personal and professional growth. I’ve always been a process geek, and where can you find a University that appreciates and celebrates descriptive processes and not just data?

    With the help of advisors and fellow associates, I have gained knowledge about many different levels of design; from emotional to intellectual to visionary. The program has opened up a world of connections, to inspiring permaculture projects, social experiments and visionary infrastructure. With Gaia U I feel connected to the larger community of world-changers.

  • My life has changed! A new circle began when I became a Gaia U associate. I’ve turned the page and now I’m developing my ecological intelligence as an integrative ecosocial designer. Never before have I had these feelings of connection or this level of consciousness about my acts and thoughts. Gaia U is part of my life and my growth. It is not just a University, is the solution for the problem.

  • Gaia Universty empowers me to view each moment of my life as an opportunity for growth. By providing flexible support and encouragement and connecting me to a worldwide network of world-changers, Gaia U adds depth and meaning to my personal learning journey.

  • Gaia University offered me the perfect marriage between creative academic freedom and nurturing support. I felt completely able and inspired to design my own curriculum, while being sustained and looked after by a caring group of peers and advisors. It is the first and only higher learning institution I have found that promotes this dynamic balance.

    My experience at GU was as much a shift in my perception as it was an education. This profound movement towards a higher level of thinking and understanding has resonated deeply within my core. The concepts and philosophies introduced to me by through Gaia U have joined me on my personal and professional journeys towards planetary sustainability and ecosocial regeneration.

  • Gaia University has been an incredible support in my actualization as a world-changer. What a gift to be validated by an educational institution in my passions and vision for the changes that I want to see happen in my community and in myself.

  • Gaia University allowed me to learn at the speed of life. Engaging in action learning with the support of mentors and peers is a powerful way to gain skills and learn truly important lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom.

    Gaia University is really a revolution disguised as a university. By working with other engaged individuals on projects of strategic importance to heal ecosystems and cultures, and sharing the learning, lessons, and best practices, Gaia U is creating regeneration, cooperation and empowerment on a global scale.

    After attending a conventional college and obtaining a 4-year degree, I was barely ready to engage in the kind of learning and practice that Gaia University offers. Gaia U is not for everyone! You have to be self motivated, self aware, visionary and practical to succeed in the arduous task of engaging in strategic project work and documenting it for yourself and others. This is quite possibly the most challenging degree program you could ask for. Be prepared to grow to meet the challenge.

    Gaia University has allowed me to craft a relationship of integrity with the world and with myself. Through my Gaia University learning pathway, I deepened my understanding and practice of permaculture, and began delving into the intricacies of regenerative education.I am now utilizing skills such as group facilitation, curriculum development, organizing and coordinating group projects. Thanks to Gaia University, all of my projects are firmly grounded in the ethics of permaculture, and the organizational designs and business plans that I am actively unfolding are designed to weave together into a seamless project for strategic ecosocial regeneration.

  • Gaia University threw me off the cliff of self-directed learning and action in a way that a traditional college never could have. As a result, I've experienced rapid and profound personal and professional growth.

    Thanks to the mentoring I received as a Gaia U associate, I've been able to create a diverse, fulfilling livelihood doing what I love. I have also built personal and professional connections with some of the most talented, creative, solution-driven people on the planet.

  • When I heard about Gaia U's master's Program, I was immediately intrigued. I had already been actively pursuing self-education in the 'school of life' for more than ten years, after leaving a master's program that I felt was too restrictive and narrow-minded to offer the diverse, hands-on training essential to a rapidly changing world. I knew what I was already doing could be immediately reframed as a GU learning pathway, and, now I had a new word for it – 'Action Learning!'

    GU helped me to regard my life’s path not only as a legitimate course of study, but as an activity vital to the creation of a truly sustainable and healthy culture. I was given the support, the tools, and perhaps most importantly, the language to shape what I was most passionate about into a master's degree.

    I am thrilled to offer to Gaia U associates the same outstanding advising services that I received during my own program. As an advisor, I take a highly personal and poetic approach, respecting the uniqueness of each associate and their individual learning pathway. I welcome and encourage artistic, outside-the-box project designs and always emphasize the importance of self-care and embodied experience for the health of my advisees and their work in the world.

  • Gaia University taught me how to articulate my goals and design a path to achieve them. Rather than giving me the answers, they gave me the tools to figure things out for myself in an orderly and directed way. I learned a new language and strategy to become an effective world changer. I feel inspired and empowered from my Gaia University experience, and am delighted to help others along their path.

  • My GAIA University experience has been extremely rewarding. The process of working on my open topic master's degree evoked more reflection from me on my life's work than I ever imagined. The encouragement and instruction I received was invaluable - and I definitely felt it was worth all the effort when I read the evaluation from my external reviewer, who said I deserved more than one master's degree for the body of work presented. Thank you GAIA!

  • Gaia U has gifted me with brilliant associates, advisors and action-leaders; a Bioregional-like ceremonial-village family; motivating education experiences; awesome outposts; enjoined buddy-guilds; and deep belief in draft-writings we change together with inter-spiraling synergies. Through GU I’m encouraged to define my integrative SuperSkyWoman being within, and radiate action un/learning. Gaia U is a perfect medium to dovetail systems research with Nature’s voice – interfaced with the greater community.

  • "I have never felt so liberated in my life until I started with Gaia University and realized that I was completely responsible for my own learning. The fact that I can design my pathway completely around my own desires, projects and commitments to changing this world has been the ultimate empowerment. No longer does study have to feel like a distraction from everything else I want to do, now I can be supported by a worldwide community to maximize the effectiveness of my work and focus energy on the most important areas of my life.

    Nothing is devalued and learning can be harvested from everything in your life - from your reading to your relationships, the entire time you are on your Gaia University path you are supported to reflect, design and take action to leverage the positive impact of your pathway. I would encourage anyone who finds the traditional education system in their country disempowering, or oppressive, or limiting to their creativity in any way to consider taking a leap into the world of Gaia University. Life is too short to focus your energy on anything that you do not 100% hold in your heart. This is why I have chosen this pathway, one of the best decisions I have ever made."

  • I deeply resonate with the purpose of Gaia University as a leader for the future of higher education, taking the classroom into the world where each student can actively contribute to the benefit of the whole and learn through experience. It is an honor, devotion, and inspiration for me to collaborate with Gaia University as a Permaculture Mentor to support students to dive in and learn through grass root experience and collaboration.

  • Gaia U is a catalyst for well designed action, processes, and projects that will enable us to joyfully surf the upcoming tide of rapid and unpredictable change.

  • I see permaculture as a learning system. I am pleased that Gaia University is promoting the Permaculture Diploma as a means for accelerating human succession.

  • I have never felt so liberated in my life until I started with Gaia University and realized that I was completely responsible for my own learning. The fact that I can design my pathway completely around my own desires, projects and commitments to changing this world has been the ultimate empowerment. No longer does study have to feel like a distraction from everything else I want to do, now I can be supported by a worldwide community to maximize the effectiveness of my work and focus energy on the most important areas of my life.

    Nothing is devalued and learning can be harvested from everything in your life - from your reading to your relationships, the entire time you are on your Gaia University path you are supported to reflect, design and take action to leverage the positive impact of your pathway. I would encourage anyone who finds the traditional education system in their country disempowering, or oppressive, or limiting to their creativity in any way to consider taking a leap into the world of Gaia University. Life is too short to focus your energy on anything that you do not 100% hold in your heart. This is why I have chosen this pathway, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  • My experience with Gaia University has been powerful and transformative. I'm excited to support new Associates to have a similarly positive experience!

  • Gaia University has been really inspiring! It is empowering me to design a better and healthier lifestyle and learning path, connecting me to a network of like-minded world changers which is absolutely gratifying. I am struck by the level of engagement and meaningful dialogue between the advisers and associates.

  • Gaia University provides a diverse and engaging sangha opening portals to projects around the world. I find flow and form in the malleable structure promoting reflection and documentation of the projects I am designing, including my life. Gaia has encouraged and supported me to sow many seeds of intention clarifying for myself the meandering journey I am on. Gaia actively encourages me to push my edges while promoting the importance of self care. Being part of this community of seekers inspires action and gives me hope for designing a healthy life within community.

  • The Gaia University network and my main advisor in particular, were a constant source of inspiration that really supported and encouraged me to follow my passion and achieve my dreams. Now, as a main advisor myself, I am excited to support new associates on their learning pathways and watch them flourish into the fullness of their beings!

  • Gaia University has given me the structure and support for transforming my lingering dreams into visible realities. I really can't say enough about how the program has put me on track and is helping me take advantage of the incredible opportunities I have in my life right now. Seeing this type of educational model in action has transformed my view of the future of learning and how I'd like to be involved down the road.

  • Gaia University has transformed my life by empowering me to reach my longterm goals! The orientation outfitted me with the design and project management tools I needed to realize my learning path and a support network that is responsive to my needs.

  • I first learned about permaculture in Punta Mona. Since then I started to research more about permaculture and I remember coming across the Gaia University website. I thought it was a very interesting way of learning. Four years later, I was back to Punta Mona, this time as a worker. Here I met a friend of mine who was undertaking the Master's degree at Gaia University and was enjoying it very much. I went back to the website and decided to enroll. So far, I have enjoy the program very much. I have been able to look back on my career and observe patterns and key experiences. Now I feel more empowered to design my future life career path and to document it. I appreciate that I can move around different countries while pursuing my MSc.

  • I am really enjoying my experience with Gaia University. It is proving to be a wonderful learning experience and guide as I build my life anew. The subject areas covered in the foundation curriculum, accompanied with the advising services, are also proving to be very effective and useful as I navigate my learning pathway and plan for a future inspired by permaculture.

  • Un/learning with Gaia U has been a refreshing experience, and has opened my eyes, heart and mind to the greater world that exists beyond my scope. I have felt re-inspired to continue to enhance my awareness, which can only benefit the work I do bringing people into the wilderness. Gaia is a beacon of hope in the higher education system and I feel grateful and excited to grow as I follow my pathway.

  • Realizing the freedom and responsibility to choose my own un/learning pathway I joined Gaia University in 2012. I love the supportive feedback culture, action learning methodology, community interaction and empowering mentoring relationships.

    Gaia U encourages me to reflect, design and take action to leverage the positive impact of my work and I absolutely thrive in the liberating structure and self-directed learning system. Thus I encourage anyone who experiences conventional education as meaningless, oppressive or limiting your creative potential to consider the possibility of hacking education and becoming engaged in the growing network of inspirational professionals following their calling! The radically transformative character of Gaia U blew my mind and deeply touched my heart - courageously taking this pathway was one of the best decision I have made.

    Driven by my passion for action learning and edge-work I am committed to develop the inner and outer resources needed to be a conscious, responsible and pro-active change agent to co-create the present cultural transition towards regeneration. Besides, I enjoy to support, collaborate, create, learn and engage with people. Being in service as an advisor I feel fulfilled and excited to use my clarity, joy for learning, attention to design, emotional sensitivity and people care skills for the benefit of associates. My intention is to empower and support others to explore their unique gifts, align their life and work with personal interests and global vision, to embody their full potential and live as shining stars!

  • Gaia University has enabled me to broaden my knowledge and hone my skills as a regenerative designer. With the support of an international community, I’m developing a project which is my own living testimonial of permaculture practice. My role in the world is gradually shaping out and my long term career pathway has begun.
    I strongly believe that capacity development, leadership and policy making in communities; develop excellent communication and interaction skills. Thus, educating and sensitizing the local populations and communities, directly involved in one way or the other with the sustainable management of their environment, it is conceivable that precise emphasis can be laid on the preponderance of preserving our resources and in turn promoting the exploitation of other valuable under-looked resources.