Specialized Content Workshops

ethan teaching outsideIn addition to the online courses required by specific programs, some associates are also required to arrange participation in specialized content workshops to help them meet the Learning Intentions and Pathway Design goals listed in their first output packet and address skillflex needs arising from their project work. Associates who are not required to take content courses are still strongly encouraged to attend several over the course of their program to broaden and deepen their learning.

The cost of attending these workshops is not included in the tuition fees an associate pays Gaia University, although some part of the specialist advising and learning support budget may, with main advisor approval, be used to make a contribution to these workshop fees.

On occasion, a group of associates will pool part of their allotted budgets to bring in a specialist teacher with skills relevant to a group, for the benefit of all.

Attending a course will not, on its own, earn you credits. You will need to translate the learning and unlearning resulting from attendance in a course into action in a project, and then report your experience in an output packet. Actions leading to reflection and conceptualization, which in turn lead to experimentation, are required to earn Gaia University credits.