Richard Webb

Richard gained his diploma in permaculture with Dan Hemenway in 1988, is a certified landscape architect, a past president of the Irish Landscape Institute, and was formerly a Fellow of the Arboricultural Association in the UK.

For the past 12 years he has taught permaculture in the MSc Sustainable Development course at the Dublin Institute of Technology, on Bolton Street and has frequently been involved with student dissertations. He has also taught two full Permaculture Design Courses at the University of Hong Kong in 1991 and 1992 and at Cloughjordan Eco-Village in Tipperary in 2005. He trained in adult education at the University of Hong Kong in 1994.

Richard's PhD is in community forestry through the University of Wales, Bangor. The study looked at the ecology of the feng shui woodlands in the New Territories of Hong Kong, just one example of the many sacred forests around the world that are protected by local communities. While in Hong Kong Richard was a landscape project manager with the Territories Development Department, largely carrying out the reforestation of eroded hill slopes and pioneering the use of vetiver grass to control erosion. This project was based on permaculture design principles. With friends he also set up Permaculture Asia, working with businesses in Hong Kong to promote better environmental management systems within organisations. Prior to this he was technical advisor to the Irish Aid Community Forestry project in Sudan, advising on seed stores, nursery construction, community planting, and forest restoration.

Richard also has an interest in eco-tourism being an environmental advisor to the tourism master plan for the Province of Guizhou, China and for the tourism master plan for the State of South Carolina, USA.

A passion for promoting better facilities for children's play currently takes most of Richard's time, promoting more natural play opportunities and assisting local authorities in Ireland on issues of safety and design (

His property in Bray, Co. Wicklow, is designed on permaculture principles, with a forest garden, raised beds/mandala garden, keyline irrigation, reedbed waste water treatment and riparian woodland conservation. He is also convenor of the local Grow It Yourself group promoting backyard food growing. Together with others, he is in the process of setting up Permaculture Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

Richard's vision is of a peaceful, abundant and healing Earth for humanity and all of creation, with inspiration coming from many visionaries including Richard St. Barbe Baker, Wangari Mathai,  Fukuoka and many wisdom traditions.