Review Criteria

At Gaia University we consider the design, implementation, and outcomes of your output packets – which are the focal point of your evaluation – to be as important as the design, implementation, and outcomes of the projects that they document. 

We apply the same set of review criteria (contained in a rubric) to your output packets, across the entire review continuum. All of these criteria will be fully explained in the output packet review workshops.

  1. Presentation and organization (of output packets): structure, navigability, flow, quality of writing, use of media, and creativity  
  2. Design (of projects and output packets): articulation of approach, critical thinking and evaluation, balance and integration of research with original thinking/design  
  3. Action learning (in projects and output packet production): concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation  
  4. Process skills (in project and output packet production): project management, gains in competence and attention, collaborative engagement, leadership and delegation skills  
  5. Outcomes (of projects and output packets): strategic value, contribution of knowledge to the commons, development of professional skills, new insights and understanding attained, internal growth and development