Peer Guilds, Guild Buddies and Peer Review

working groupGaia University places a high value on mutual support systems. Our goal is that everyone in the learning community feels that they have easy access to support at all times and we seek to achieve this by each of us being up for supporting others - a primary method for this is to exchange with buddies and guild members (see below) 10 or 20 minute think-and-listens on-demand or according to a schedule. 

This modest commitment to mutuality makes a big difference - this accords with the design pattern that small, quantitative changes can make big, qualitative differences.

Peer Support Guilds and the Buddy System

Every Gaia University associate becomes part of a peer guild – a group of three to five associates that meets during the full online orientation. Members of this guild take the initiative to support each other over the course of their program.

Guilds meet at least once a month, online or in person when possible, to report on progress, challenges, accomplishments, to offer each other practical and emotional support, think-and-listen, and more.

In addition, two of the members of the associate's guild serve as 'guild buddies'. Buddies provide a more intimate, consistent support and collaboration experience. Buddies often meet weekly online, in person, or by telephone, and may form close friendships in addition to becoming effective working partners. 

Peer guild members and buddies hold each other accountable to the goals and objectives they have set forth in their learning intentions and pathway design document in a light and cheerful way. By this means buddies support each other to step up to a sound level of integrity.

Peer Review of Output Packets

A further level of peer support and mutual learning comes about during the output packet review workshops. These regular online events gather in all associates seeking constructive peer reviews of their output packets in the context of a group of peers guided by an experienced professional reviewer. Everyone involved learns a great deal. We look forward to seeing you there.