Our e-Learning Environment

jay ma working at laptopThe Gaia eLearning (GEL) Site

Throughout your time with Gaia University you will make frequent use of the Gaia eLearning (GEL) site – a dynamic web-based ecology powered by a collection of open source and free software.

You will need to engage with the GEL site on a regular basis as it is the primary tool for all intra-university communication and networking, resource sharing, and data transfer. Additionally, the GEL site houses all associate ePortfolios.

For this purpose, you need regular access to a stable internet connection during your program and an internet capable computer. A high-speed connection is better, but not essential.

Reliable internet access is an important consideration when designing your projects and determining project locations. Remote locations are sometimes challenging with regard to access to the internet. You should expect to find a means to log onto the GEL site at least once a week to download essential news, connect to your network of colleagues and advisers, and upload your own work.

You get an ePortfolio, a social networking site inside Gaia U and more

jamie and merton with laptopYour designated space on the Gaia ePortfolio (Mahara) site is where you create and develop a personal ePortfolio of your work. Your ePortfolio is then part of an ever-expanding collection of digital documentation packages, known as output packets, in which associates chronicle the evolution of their learning journey and project outcomes.

Sharing portfolio outcomes is a key part of the global collaboration and peer review process necessary for the de-marginalization of the subjugated knowledge fields in which we work.

As a result of this digital documentation approach, you emerge from Gaia University with an impressive online portfolio of project work that you can share with potential clients and employers. Our graduates have found their Gaia University ePortfolios to be a significant asset as they have moved forward in their professional life. A graduate may extend the life of their ePortfolio with Gaia U beyond the life of their program by becoming a Friend of Gaia U and/or may use the easy export function to save the contents to their local disk ready for redeployment to their own website.

You will learn to use the learning management platform, Moodle (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), the social networking ePortfolio platform, Mahara and a complementary currency exchange currently using CES software. Tutorials are often offered in our Gaia Radio format and you can use your Learning Support budget for additional help with these programs.