Our Community

happy group at huehue

We sometimes describe ourselves using the metaphor of a mycelial network (the underground filament web of fungus that connects fungi to plants, nutrients, bacteria). Our presence often goes unnoticed although we are (what we like to think) essential and, through our regionally-based associate structure, we appear as fruiting bodies in hospitable places just like mushrooms.

Other times we think of ourselves as like a slime-mold –more or less invisible until we gather in large enough numbers to make a visible organism – usually around some nurturing event like a conference on which we piggy-back a Gaia U Gather-In or at a larger events like the Village Building Convergence or the Bioneers conference – and there we make a difference in our mycelial way.

laying bricks

Some of us are bioregionally based, others are itinerants and some of us do both. This combination makes for an effective, cross-pollinating ecosocial worknet in which we become friends, colleagues, allies, collaborators and co-creators.

 We invite you to come out to play, to see if we get along, to add your creative intelligences, energies and goodwill to our community and to take your place in unfolding the adventure.



The Commons

An increasing number of organizations and worknets concerned with shifting the paradigms of human culture are using commons and open source approaches. These ancient and post-modern forms of organization are designed to enable both local communities and world-wide worknets to cohere around progressive shared visions, stimulate collaborative efforts towards these visions and ensure equitable access to resources.

working groupThese organizational forms robustly contradict the deep-seated (and self-reinforcing) meme of 'rational man' used in conventional neo-liberal and industrial economics that describes human nature as essentially selfish and self-serving. The phenomenon of successful commons and open source behaviors clearly demonstrates that humans beings, in a community, are capable of acting with extraordinary mutuality, outside the otherwise ubiquitous and corrosive paradigm of private ownership.

Gaia University is learning how to be an intentional commons operating according to Chaordic, Intrapreneurial and Dynamic Governance principles.