Learning Online with Gaia U

orientation circleOrientation workshops which we call "Learning online with Gaia U" are the starting point of every Gaia University associates learning journey.

The orientation introduces new associates to:

  • the streams of thinking that most directly inform Gaia University’s philosophy, systems and methodologies
  • the nuts and bolts of Gaia University’s organizational and program designs
  • the advising support network and review processes
  • training in the use of our eLearning (GEL) site and documentation requirements
  • the many ways collaborative alliances can be formed with fellow associates

The two modules which take place over 4 weeks are stimulating, fun and highly participatory, consisting of webinars, readings and forum discussions. We beieve in the development of whole people, discovery learning and skill-flex development.

After the orientation course new associates complete a course which will support them to produce a 'Life and Career Review'.  This review of past learning and unlearning leads to the visioning of their future learning intentions for the coming year and the design of projects and experiences that will enable them to meet these self-designed goals. 

During the time associates are working on their first Output packet (the Life and Career Review and Learning Intentions and Pathway Design) they will meet with their Main Advisor by skype or telphone as well as have frequent contact with the online course facilitators.