OR Support Team

During the first six months of your program, you will be deeply engaged in the Online Orientation (OR). In this time, you will be introduced to new technology, tools, information, and patterns of thinking. This can be overwhelming at times. For that reason, we have developed a comprehensive pattern of support for you to shepherd you through the course modules.

Webinar Facilitators

We have a  team of highly skilled webinar facilitators who will guide the bi-weekly OR calls. During these calls you will be introduced to new content, have the opportunity to connect with fellow associates in small break-out groups and ask any questions. The facilitators will endeavor to bring everyone along with ease and make themselves available for any questions and concerns that arise.

Forum Moderators

Part of your online coursework will entail participating in forums to share your experiences with the material and the activities. Our team monitors these forums and responds to your questions and highlights useful comments.

Tech and Admin Team

Our tech and admin teams are standing by to assist you through this early technology and program design  learning curve. You will have easy access to everyone on the team for fast, knowledgeable support.