Open Topic

hands building canoeThe Open Topic pathway provides a framework for Masters and Post-Graduate Diploma associates following their life's passion and working at or aspiring to work at advanced strategic levels in fields other than ecosocial design. Contributing to the health and thriving of this planet can express itself in many domains, including health, the arts, business, community work and midwifery, to name just a few. You are only limited by your imagination, as long as your chosen topic aligns with Gaia University's ethics and has ecosocial regeneration implications. You will not need to evidence professional-level design skills, as in the Integrative Ecosocial Design pathway.

Prior to graduating, associates in the Open Topic pathway need to propose, with the support of their main advisor and have approved a concentration. Some recent examples of approved Open Topic concentrations are: Social Communication and Development, Learning and Development, Movement and Bodywork, Natural Health, Integrative Arts and Ecology.

The decision model on the master's degree and post-graduate diploma pages are designed to assist you in assessing if the Open Topic is an appropriate pathway for you.