Melissa Miles

Melissa Miles is an Environmental Biologist, Conservation Planner, ecological restoration practitioner, Permaculture Designer/Teacher, Urban farmer, author (and social agitator!). Melissa has been serving as the Organizer of Eastern PA Permaculture Guild and the Director of the Permanent Future Institute, a regional center for regenerative design consulting and education located in the Metropolitan Philadelphia area, for the past five years where she consults with private and institutional clients, working to create more productive and resilient landscapes.  

Melissa the founder and farm manager of Two Miles Micro-Farm (a one-acre, Certified Naturally Grown, urban micro-farm), growing healthy, local food for the farm's CSA members and supplying restaurants in the Philadelphia metro area with lesser known wild and cultivated perennial vegetables and honey. Melissa teaches & lectures at various locations in and around the region. She holds an A.S. in Animal Science, a B.S. in Environmental Biology, has studied Biogeochemistry at the graduate level and is currently working toward a PhD in Ecovillage Design. Along with her co-author, Melissa has written the forthcoming, Dragon Husbandry: The Why and Wherefore of Biogas Systems (Chelsea Green Publishing- available 2013), a title on the subject of small-scale, integrated anaerobic digesters. 

Additionally, as a lifelong student of philosophy, Melissa is a strong advocate of action learning -- the educational model used by Gaia University. Unlike students constrained by the status quo system of education, Melissa believes active learners are empowered people, conscious co-creators who base their perceptions of reality on information gleaned from observing the world around them through their five senses, accepting, "what is" and emerging from the process with their curiosity about the world intact, prepared to rise to any challenge!