Master of Science Degree Program (MSc)

hand writingGaia University master's degrees are suited to adults making the transition from functioning at an operational level to becoming strategic. They are not suited to young adults who have not yet acquired any hands-on field experience.

At the master's level, taking leadership is an important thread. You will be exploring your capacities for taking on leadership roles and looking for opportunities to challenge yourself using Gaia University's support structures to process any resistances and fears that may arise (we recommend re-evaluation counseling for its insights into developing leadership and creating a leaderful culture).

You have a choice of pathways – Integrative Ecosocial Design (IESD) and Open Topic. Both pathways assist you in developing transferable skill-flexes much in demand by project leaders, non-profits, and other employers in the world change field. You will enhance your project design and management skills, develop your digital documentation skills, expand your leadership abilities, develop additional research capacities, hone your action learning skills, and much more.

Please see the decision model below to assist you in making an appropriate pathway choice and feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your options.

Length of Program: 2 Years

man hammeringAll master's associates start in the Pre-Capstone Phase. However, if an associate has already spent many years working at a strategic level – as an entrepreneur, organizer or designer in the fields of environmental or social change – and has made a substantial contribution to a community or global scale, they may petition to accelerate their program after the completion of their third output packet. The decision to shift an associate to an accelerated master’s program is based on the competence, discipline, and project outcomes evidenced in their documentation to date.

Program Requirements and Available Services

The table below outlines the services available to master's associates, as well as the minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled to be fulfilled to graduate. It is important to understand that it is up to you to access available services. Your main advisor is your primary and most regular contact point and will assist you in assessing and initiating these  services. Not accessing them, however, does not warrant requests for refunds. If you are in a Premium Program you are purchasing a complete package of services with your Gaia University tuition. It is up to you to maximize your access and utilization.

  Pre-Capstone Phase Capstone Phase
 Online Orientation  
 Main Advisor
 Skill-flex Advisors
 Learning Support
 Specialist Advisors
 Output Packet Review
 Gaia Radio AGC and Content Calls
 Mid-Phase Presentation  √
 End-of-Phase Presentation  √
 Internal End-of-Phase Review  
 External Review  
E-Portfolio access and instruction (access can be extended post-program by becoming a Friend)
Optional extras to add to program:    
     Annual Graduation Event    √

A standard pattern exists for all programs which you can review on the Program Cycle page. An overview of requirements specific to the master's program follows. You will also receive detailed information regarding all services and requirements during your orientation workshop.

green peppersWorkshops - Prerequisite, Required, and Recommended

  • Associates pursuing the Integrative Ecosocial Design (IESD) pathway are required to complete a Permaculture Design Course, Ecovillage Design Course, or equivalent design study as a prerequisite to program commencement. This is not a course offered through Gaia University; it needs to be completed with an organization of your choice. Proof of completion and/or certification will be required.
  • A content workshop is required during the early part of your Capstone Phase. This is a workshop chosen by you with the approval or your Main Advisor. To give you maximum flexibility to choose your topic and to negotiate workshop fees (like work trade) we have not included it in your tuition fees.
  • Highly Recommended: Re-Evaluation Counseling Fundamentals Course (additional fees apply).

You will need regular internet access to fulfill the requirements of this program.

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