Marissa Evans

Marissa Evans joined Gaia University for an inspiring network and supportive structure to actualize her visions. Passionate about holistic and self-directed learning, Marissa began unschooling at age 16. The following year she left her hometown in Massachusetts to travel and study with LEAPNOW Transforming Education, based in California. The program includes intensive retreats focused on personal growth, group travel in India, a rite of passage, and an independent internship. This first year of college imparted tools for empowerment, skillful communication, living in integrity, and stepping into adulthood with authenticity.

During her three years with Gaia University, Marissa participated in a wide range of trainings, workshops, skill shares, conferences, and rituals. She traveled, lived and worked in US and Mexico, staying at both Tryon Farm in Portland, OR and Earthaven Ecovillage near Asheville, NC. Her studies included creative writing, traditional living skills, leadership and event organization. An overview of her learning pathway in Integrative Ecosocial Design can be viewed here. In 2012, she earned her BS with a concentration in Cultural Wisdom and Regeneration.

At the heart of her work, Marissa finds purpose through inspiring transformation and growing with love. Her upbringing in the Unitarian Universalist tradition fostered values of social justice, environmental stewardship, and spiritual exploration. After taking the Earth Activist Training in 2010, Marissa became involved with the Reclaiming tradition of pagan spirituality, and the related Free Cascadia Witch Camp community. She envisions weaving her gifts and passions into a livelihood that contributes to regeneration of balanced human cultures. Marissa lives with her partner Nikira Hernandez in a house of aspiring ministers in Berkeley, CA.

My experience with Gaia University has been powerful and transformative. I'm excited to support new Associates to have a similarly positive experience!