Lily Ovadya

Lily Ovadya is a world-crafter and re-connector. She weaves her vision and community through networking, listening, designing and co-creating. Lily is a budding gardener, natural builder, herbalist, plant food artist, leader and facilitator. She is passionate about conscious, compassionate communication and redesigning our use of language and how we move and act to reflect and embody the world we wish to manifest. Her worker-owned cooperative, Nature Works, offers regenerative gardening, cooking services as well as permaculture and “living skills” workshops. This business is focused on aligning livelihood with life purpose, and working towards planetary and social regeneration while building local community and resiliency.

Before joining Gaia University, Lily spent two years learning and working within the transformative education organization, Leapnow. She also completed a natural building internship with Kleiwerks, and has participated in many workshops, courses, and community events, including Earth Activist Training and the Village Building Convergence. 

Lily joined Gaia University in order to connect with a powerful network of allies with whom to learn and co-create. On her pathway to obtaining a BSc in Integrative Ecosocial Design, Lily has been working to build a strong foundation from which to engage in her life’s work of reconnective healing. She has also been exploring permaculture design in social and internal landscapes. Her project work includes the production of a ‘zine about empowerment and connected living that seeks to support individuals and groups in their conscious reconnection to self, spirit, community, the earth and the interconnected web of life. She graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Ecosocial Design.

Gaia University is incredibly inspiring to me, affirming my faith that human consciousness is evolving towards a regenerative presence on this planet. I have felt nourished and supported by the network and the community of people who I have engaged with through Gaia U. I am grateful for the many ways Gaia U challenges me to strive towards powerful goals and supports me in manifesting them.