Levels of Engagement

There are many levels at which you can engage with Gaia U. At the most basic level, you can receive advising and mentoring from our highly trained advisors all the way to becoming a degree associate in our externally accredited Bachelors, Masters or Post-Graduate programs. In staying with Permaculture patterns, we call those Zones of Engagement. These zones are:

  • Receive expert advising and/or Permaculture mentoring to support your personal action-learning processes and projects
  • Attend one or more of our online courses or the full online orientation
  • Earn an open badge (this system is being developed currently; stay tuned)
  • Earn an internally accredited Gaia U Diploma
  • Enroll in an externally accredited degree program
  • Become certified in and serve as a Gaia U Advisor
  • Develop a language division for Gaia U

In determining in what zone you want or can engage, you need to consider several Sectors of Influence. They are determining factors as you assess your capacity, commitment and care for engaging. Some major Sectors of Influence include:

  • Financial considerations
  • Level of accreditation and recognition desired
  • Available time capacity
  • Depth of support desired to design a livelihood
  • Depth of community engagement desired

The following graphic summarizes these points and the following pages explains in detail the Zones of Engagement.