Learning Support & Specialist Advisors

Our associates not only direct their own learning pathways, they also have the freedom to determine what specialized consultation and/or training they need in order to move their projects forward. Associates in degree and post graduate diploma programs may, in consultation with their main advisor, use a budget that is allocated from their tuition fees to contract specialists for such support.

Specialist advisors are experts in their field with or without professional experience. A person who is an expert in pruning antique apple orchards can be just as valuable a specialist advisor as a person who has published a book on women's leadership issues.

The necessary specialist advising can sometimes be found within the Gaia University community, but may also be contracted from outside, depending upon the associate’s area of focus and specific goals. Some members of our diverse and inspiring advisory board are open to being specialist advisors for Gaia U associates.

The specialist advising budget may also be used to obtain specialized learning support from people outside the Gaia U community. Examples of learning support needs might be: editing assistance, learning to use specialized internet programs and support in overcoming learning blocks or distresses.