Katharina Weber

Association Organizer for GALA, Germany

Educated as a social worker, mentor and coach Katharina combines her skills as a permaculture designer with a broad variety of training in an array of therapy methods to support the associates in envisioning and implementing their life-designs and learning pathways. “I love to observe people growing into their full potential”.

Katharina lives in Lebensgarten, an ecovillage in the northern part of Germany, founded in 1985. She completed her studies in Social Work at the University of Applied Science in 1982. This formal study was followed by a training in Gestalt Therapy and a training in Body Therapy, which is based on gestalt therapy, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, and rebirthing and inner child healing. The study of other methodologies of social communication, including training in Non-violent Communication, rounded out her competencies in the following years.

Before she put her energy to Gaia University from which she graduated in 2007, she applied her knowledge in the foundation of several communities for supporting people in need of mental health services. In 1984 she co-founded the Self-Help Group for Raped Women in Flensburg, and in 1999 she co-founded Choka Sangha, the first Zen- Center to integrate Zen teachings, permaculture and non-violent communication. She is still involved in the building and development of that center. As a long term Zen practitioner, she supports the Buddhist community, with Christoph Rei Ho Hatlapa, as a chairperson of the German Buddhist Union.

From her eight years of experience as the manager of the seminar organization in Lebensgarten she adds to her portfolio expert administration and project management skills. The main project of her Gaia University Post-graduate Diploma was the design and implementation of a straw-bale house. As the manager of this project she gathered the specialists and guided the team at the building site, which stands today as a beautiful example of natural, ecologically sound building.

Katharina Weber is one of the organizers of Gaia Action Learning Academy, an association allied with Gaia University.

Gaia University is creating a new profession: "world-changer". We hold a safe space for people to learn and to develop their potential to change the world. The future of this planet depends on people learning to act as self-directed, self-responsible members of the community ‘Earth’, with open minds and open hearts.

All the trainings I have done and the skills I have developed are funneled into my work in Gaia Action Learning Academy. It is the conflation of a lifelong learning and implementing process. I love the combination of inner work with the creativity of designing workshops and organizing. The personal advising process and my work together with a network of passionate and exceedingly aware people is highly rewarding, supporting my own life visions and goals.