Karen Stupski

Karen Stupski is a sustainability educator, grant writer, and communitarian. She currently serves as an advisor for Gaia University and Goddard College, and works as development director of the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, a watershed organization and land trust. 

Karen lives at Heathcote Community, an intentional community dedicated to sustainable living, where she practices permaculture and cooperative processes such as consensus decision making, Zegg forum, and nonviolent communication. She coordinates the education program at Heathcote, which includes permaculture workshops and internships. For Karen, living in community is a way of creating social change. She sees intentional communities/ecovillages as powerful sites of learning where people can create and experience systems and processes that are egalitarian and collaborative, gain practical skills in sustainability, and be supported in personal healing and transformation.

Prior to her enrollment in Gaia University, Karen earned a PhD in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology from Johns Hopkins University. In her dissertation, she analyzed the technologies that were used to recycle human excrement as a fertilizer in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states during the nineteenth century. 

Karen received a post-graduate diploma in Organizing Learning for Ecosocial Regneration from Gaia University in 2008. During her time as a Gaia University associate she coordinated an internship program in natural building and sustainable community while living at Heathcote, wrote several successful grants for the local watershed organization, and started to earn her livelihood from her own business as a sustainability educator.

Gaia University has connected me to a dynamic network of world changers who provide deep inspiration and support. It gave me the opportunity to earn a diploma while simultaneously developing a sustainability education business.