Internships, Apprenticeships, and Work-trade

Although not required, pursuing a residential internship, apprenticeship, or work-trade in the course of your Gaia University action learning journey can be an excellent strategy for associates with broad exploratory visions, as well as those with more focused and ‘strategic’ project scopes.

Fully immersing yourself in hands-on learning within the existing support and project structure of a residential work trade can be a powerful way to access intensive learning and skill-flex development while also receiving some material support, generally in the form of food and lodging.

Several of our partner associations offer internships, apprenticeships or work trade, either directly or through an affiliated organization:

At times we receive notifications of internships and apprenticeships which we post in a specific forum on our eLearning site.

There are countless residential work trade opportunities available around the world that provide similar opportunities for deep immersion into areas and projects of interest. Here are a few resources to help get you started: