International Scholarship Fund

Gaia University has established an International Scholarship fund to help support those associates originating from or permanently living in regions of the world with relatively less access to financial resources. This fund represents a contribution by Gaia University International of approximately 10% of all payments it receives, with supplementation by private donations. Through the International Scholarship Fund, we offer partial scholarships to eligible applicants from second and third world economies in the form of 'E2' and 'E3' pricing. 

World Economies Breakdown:

  • E1 = countries with relatively high access to funding (USA, Canada, most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and others)
  • E2 = countries of relatively lower access to funding (most countries in Latin America, some countries in Eastern Europe and Asia)
  • E3 = countries with very limited access to funding (many countries in Africa and Asia).

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Please consult the Tuition Charts by Program page for comprehensive pricing information.

We ask all potential associates to honestly assess their ability to access the resources they need to pay their tuition, based on their geographical location and personal circumstances, and to pay at the highest level possible. We are aware that even in E2 and E3 economies some people have access to E1 levels of funding.  Enough associates paying E1 fees enable more associates from E2 and E3 economies to attend. Remember that “fair share” is one of Gaia University’s core ethics, and requires all of us to have a high level of integrity, generosity, and initiative.

We actively seek external contributions to the International Scholarship Fund, as we are aware that many worthy candidates will be unable to pay the full tuition, even with the support of an E2 or E3 scholarship. If you or your organization would like to contribute to the International Scholarship Fund, or know of someone who might like to help, donations can be made via the Paypal button on our home page, or by contacting us directly. In some countries, these donations are tax-deductible.

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Accreditation Fees:

We are pleased to have successfully negotiated with our accreditors a relative wealth approach for accreditation fees that is similar to our approach to tuition. Accreditation fees are tiered as follows:

  • E1 associates pay 100%
  • E2 associates pay 50%
  • E3 associates pay 25%

While we search for better designations to characterize the capacity individual associates have to cover their tuition and fees, we are content to be able to offer these opportunities for the benefit of those who come from or permanently live in parts of the world with relatively less access to wealth.