Harald Wedig

Harald´s project, Folxgarden, which was designed and implemented in 2008, aims to show small scaled permaculture at work for an average family household. The crucial aspect is the interaction among resilient households, forming likewise stable ecosocial communities. The idea of this organization is to increase the impact of permaculture design on mainstream society and to transition out of the eco- and ecovillage scene. His credo is that every village can become an ecovillage.

Harald was born on the German Dutch border in 1955. At the age of 16 Harald became part of  the social and peace movement and worked as a printer. As a result of a life inspiring trip to Asia, he made a choice for land and people care, starting with an education as a landscape gardener. Finding the combination of  gardening and social work very helpful, today he assists people recovering from mental illness, while working in the garden.
Studying biology in Cologne 1988/87, he followed a workshop with Bill Mollison and was impressed by Bill's fundamental statement, that we can improve our natural environment as well as our social settings AND satisfy all relevant human needs at the same time. With Margrit and Declan Kennedy being his tutors, he was accredited as a permaculture designer in 1993. Since then he has worked as a PC teacher, tutor, consultant and designer. He is also part of the German permaculture network, association and academy.
Since 1990 he has been developing, designing and implementing three different sized permaculture sites and coached many more. Harald pioneered, in the adaptation and propagation of strawbale building ( since 1993), fruit forests and forest gardens (since 1995) and the reinvention of terra preta do indio (since 2003) in many european coutries.
Harald has two children, Friederike 22 and Tarek 5 years old. 

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