Gabriel Vieira

Gabriel Vieira is an edgewalker, integrating imagination, play, and spiritual consciousness with practical skills for effective world change. Passionately pursuing healthy and honest interpersonal relationships, Gabriel studies the art of loving and the use of boundaries, structures, and design to deepen intimacy and trust, opening doors to the synergistic possibilities of human connection.

Having taken circus classes from a young age, Gabriel values performance and the experience of embodied living. Integrating tools from many spiritual paths, healing arts, and dance and theater exercises, Gabriel works to bring wholeness and health to himself and others. Gabriel sees himself as a part of a miraculous living earth, and is committed to restoring balance to human cultures degraded by materialism, imperialism and systems of oppression.

Highly critical of the modern factory-style education system, Gabriel came to Gaia University for its focus on each associate's development as whole human being, life-long learner and world-changer. His pathway moves towards a vision of himself as both a shaman and a professional ecosocial designer, capable of bringing practical permaculture design and implementation skills together with magic and psychospiritual work in order to heal human relationships with each other and the living earth.

In the first year of his BSc degree with Gaia, Gabriel has studied interpersonal connection while working as a canvasser, documented his experience of connecting with his ancestors in Portugal, and engaged his passion for playfully guiding children's evolutionary growth as a counselor and aerial arts instructor at Camp Winnarainbow. In addition, he has experienced and studied a wide variety of relationships and connections, and grown as a communicator, a lover and a friend. In the next year, Gabriel plans to travel to several intentional communities and gather inspiration and practical knowledge in the field of ecosocial design.

Gaia Universty empowers me to view each moment of my life as an opportunity for growth. By providing flexible support and encouragement and connecting me to a worldwide network of world-changers, Gaia U adds depth and meaning to my personal learning journey.