Financing Your Gaia U Education

Affordability and Financial Aid

Gaia University does not solicit funds from government agencies, or corporations. This allows us to maintain our independence and to offer a learning program that meets our standards for higher education. Associate fees cover more than 90% of our costs, with additional costs being covered by private donations from friends who are aligned with our vision.

red leavesBecause our organizational design has been created to have the smallest financial and ecological footprint possible, Gaia University tuition is relatively affordable compared to other higher education institutions. Additionally, undergraduate associates who have already completed an associate’s degree or part of a Bachelor's degree, or who have substantial work experience, may apply for accreditation of prior learning and experience (APL/E), thereby potentially saving costs by shortening the duration of their program.

Scholarship funds in the form of a reduced tuition scale are available to help support associates originating from or permanently living in regions of the world with relatively lower access to financial resources. For more information, visit our International Scholarship Fund page.

We expect Gaia University associates to fund-earn for themselves and most pay some part of their own tuition and fees. As we further develop our community of self-sufficient leaders who take responsibility for themselves and each other, it is important that each of us learn to be as proactive and resourceful as possible when it comes to raising capital to fund our learning and projects.

Earn and Learn

man buildingMany associates approach their education with Gaia University as a fully integrated dimension of their professional development by designing scenarios in which they are able to work for pay in their area of interest while they study. There are countless ways to get paid for the project work you undertake to fulfill your Gaia University requirements.

One of the most common ‘earn and learn’ strategies is to find support from an organization or business that is willing to contract you to do the type of project work you are interested in focusing on for your Gaia University program. In addition to providing income to cover your tuition and living expenses, this mutually beneficial arrangement adds tremendous value to your paid work by also providing an opportunity to gain skills and experience in your area of interest and the raw material for your documentation work. To create this type of arrangement you need a clear vision and a regenerative design sensibility – in this case reflected by the ability to create a project that produces a yield that is greater than its input.

Grassroots Fundraising

grassOur ideals are a guiding force in each of our lives, yet we will likely need money to make our visions a reality. Grassroots fundraising has proven to be a highly effective means for Gaia University associates to raise money for tuition and is an essential skill for anyone doing world-change work. Associates have had the most success when they sought donations from family, friends, local businesses, or local entrepreneurs based on a clear articulation of the contribution to positive ecosocial change they envision, their specific project ideas, and the ways in which Gaia University can support them in realizing their goals.

There is more money out there than you think. In fact, there are plenty of people who want to support zestful, competent world-changers. The key to grassroots fundraising is imagination, courage and, once again, a strategic mindset. For some creative fundraising ideas and tips visit the AIDs LifeCycle and Free Tibet websites.

External Grants and Scholarships

External grants and scholarships are widely available and often an overlooked funding resource. Prescott College has an excellent page on their site that you may find helpful. And do not forget browser searches on “Sustainability Scholarships”, “Environmental Leadership Awards”, etc. for great funding leads!

Here are three scholarship opportunities you might be interested in: