Evon Peter

Thrive NOW Webcast 3: with Evon Peter

Be who you are and all can be as it should

"Life is a mystery, a blessing, and a challenge. It is exciting and full of adventure, but can also be overwhelming or even tragic. We are reaching several thresholds in our journey as human beings on earth. We need intentional changes to shift us from an unsustainable and oppressive way of life to one that is more sustainable and liberating. Everyday we make choices as to how we live our lives. The further we progress in our individual healing and awareness, the closer we become to fulfilling our role in bringing change. Every role is unique and every role special."

Evon Peter is a former Neetsaii Gwich’in Chief of Arctic Village and founder of the Indigenous Leadership Institute. He has over fifteen years experience working with Indigenous youth, organizations, and tribes implementing culturally based solutions. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Gwanzhii, LLC which provides program development, meeting facilitation, retreats, and presentations.

He resides in Fairbanks, Alaska with his wife and four children, where he is completing a Masters degree in Rural Development.

Writings by Evon Peter.

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