Elke Loepthien

Elke Loepthien works as an educator, facilitator, consultant and mentor. She is the founder of the CIRCLEWISE Center for Connection Culture, a think-and-do-tank where the insights of modern holistic human and life sciences and the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures are synergized to create educational experiences that are innovative, timeless and transformational. It is one of her greatest passions to explore and empower connective ways of living and leadership, that are rooted in nature and that honor our human role as a keystone species on Mother Earth.

She studied and worked with indigenous teachers from different parts of the world and is a graduate of the Cultural Mentoring program for Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California. Elke holds a traditional German degree ("Dipl.Ing (FH)") in Landscape Management and Nature Conservation from the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde, Germany, where she specialized in Holistic Environmental Education. In her final thesis she explored the topic of „Connection as an Aspect of an Ecology of Learning“. Elke is trained as a Personal Coach and Psychological Consultant and works with a variety of traditional and modern methods for personal growth, empowerment and transformation. She also works as a host for the international weekly Village Talk online conferences with Jon Young and Josh Lane.

She graduated from Gaia U in fall 2010 with a Graduate Diploma in Regenerative Community Design, focussing on Community Process Design and Personal Transformation. Prior to her enrollment in Gaia U, Elke immersed herself in theory and practice mainly in the fields of education, (permaculture) design, psychology, knowledge of place and nature connection. Her early research and writings have earned awards from the German Körber-Foundation, the zis Foundation for Study Travels and others. During her time at Gaia University as well as for her studies in Germany she was granted a full scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

Gaia U allowed me to slow down and catch up with what was at the core of all my studies and projects – me. Having the chance to fully integrate my personal with my professional and academic life caused a quantum leap for the quality, depth and integrity of who I am being in the world. The program also opened the door for me to participate in an ongoing conversation with world changers from all over the planet, a conversation that is transforming us, our contexts and communities along the way. To continue this conversation now in the role of an advisor feels like being able to pay forward of the support and bounty that I have received.

My commitment is to support associates in connecting with their own self, their gifts and their passions and deep longings, to find their purpose in life, one step at a time. I believe that we all have an important, essential puzzle for the grand vision of a good life for all of creation. Your piece of the puzzle is needed and awaited.

I enjoy listening deeply, asking questions that create space for understanding, creativity, vision and forward movement. I love helping you discover your own questions, your own understanding.

Being able to accompany and guide someone in exploring, designing and unfolding of his or her own unique life and learning path continuous to be a tremendous source of hope and inspiration in my life.