Eden Vardy

With a name that represents the garden of gardens, heaven on Earth – humanity's ecological potential – Eden Vardy was set up to be an ecological activist from day one! Eden was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel and moved to Aspen, Colorado with his family at age two, where he lived through high school.

Eden received a bachelor’s degree in sustainable food systems and ecological design at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, where he earned very high marks throughout his studies. He helped start a sustainable student-run café initiative at Evergreen, which is now a successful demonstration model. Eden was also managing Chez Cascadia, an eco- minded hostel in Olympia, during this time.

In 2006, Eden began to feel frustrated by his studies – too much talk and not enough action – and initiated a multiple year ecological tour of the world. Eden completed two permaculture design certifications while studying in Asia in 2007 and was accepted, on a full scholarship, as a Green Apprentice to the permaculture program on Kibbutz Lotan Eco-village in Israel. In 2008, he received a third Permaculture Design Certificate as well as an Eco-village Design Certificate.

Eden moved back to Aspen in the summer of 2008, motivated to start an organization that would integrate his values and learnings while inspiring ecological regeneration. Seeking a self-driven, ecologically oriented master’s program to support his mission, Eden enrolled in Gaia University in the fall of 2008. For his master’s project, he designed and implemented a permaculture demonstration site at a school for AIDS orphans in Uganda and started the non-profit organization Aspen T.R.E.E. This non-profit provided enough of an income to pay the first year of his Gaia University tuition, and became his full-time career during his second year. Aspen T.R.E.E. is now a successful 501(c)3, providing permaculture support for clients, and hosting year-round educational programs for kids and adults. Read more at www.re-generation.us.

Eden Vardy recently completed his bachelor’s degree from Evergreen, having worked on his B.A. and M.Sc. at the same time. in 2010 he graduated from Gaia University with a Masters in Integrative Ecosocial Design and will be working with Gaia U associates as an advisor.

Gaia University has given me the freedom and skill-flexes to pursue my dreams in a tangible way. The school's action learning methodology and support network of creative leaders has enabled me to accelerate the achievement of my personal goals and fine-tune my career.