writing at a table in the woods

The ability to effectively document your outer projects and inner processes is one of the key skills you will develop over the course of your Gaia University studies. Recurrent, in-depth documentation serves as a barometer of measurable progress towards learning goals and project specifications, and strongly supports the personal growth that arises through the conscious reflection and analysis of one’s learning process.

In addition, thoughtfully, artfully and holistically documenting your projects is an act of great service, not only to our community, but also to the greater world-change community. We see skillful documentation and online presentation as an essential means of networking and collaboration on a global scale. Through the documentation and sharing of your ideas, designs, experiments, and outcomes, you transmit important information, open the possibility for receiving vital feedback, and create conditions for new alliances to be formed.

Associate Gabriel Vieira reflected on the question, 'Why do I write outputs?'...
"Because life is very complicated. In each moment, there are infinite things happening. Just in my body, there is more than I can pay attention to in any moment. Time does not progress linearly, it progresses in many directions at once, and it is the strange capacity of the human mind to organize all these emotions, occurrences, and infinite moments into a story in which one thing causes another. An output packet is an opportunity to use this capacity, an opportunity to look at your life and make a story. All the time, we are writing the story of our lives in our minds, and together we write the story of the planet. An output packet is an opportunity to stop, and to write the story that you want, the story that gives weight to the learnings of each day, and that makes them part of a beautiful story that moves us towards the world we want to live in."