Diploma in Action for Resilience

This Diploma program provides support, encouragement, and qualification credits to people engaging in constructive action towards the goals of personal, community, and global resilience. It commences with our comprehensive online orientation after which you move into a design process in which you thoroughly survey your intended community of action to establish who else is on the case about action for resilience.

These people will likely include local permaculture designers, Transition Town activists, Food Sovereignty advocates, and more. You may well be able to augment the efforts of these people and yet you may need to start your own, fresh projects. If you are already engaged in a project, taking a Diploma program will significantly raise its strategic value and give you access to mentors who will support you to strengthen your project and time management skills, entrepreneurial acumen, organizational design, and more.



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The Learning Design 

Elements included in full IDPD program  Pre-Capstone Phase Capstone Phase
All Elements of the Online Orientation  
Main Advisor sessions
Output Packet Review (5 per phase)
Gaia Radio Content Calls
Gaia Radio Community Calls
End-of-Phase Presentation
Internal End-of-Phase Review
E-Portfolio access and instruction (access can be extended post-program by becoming a Friend)
Optional extras to add to program:    
     Accreditation by Gaia U (for those seeking entry to Degree programs)    
     Gaia U Gather-In Attendances    


The Pace:

The Diploma can proceed at a pace determined by you. There is no limit to how long you can take to complete a program. With this style, a program year may extend over 2 or 3 calendar years. This approach suits, for example, nomads and super busy thrivers very well.

Even when not 'in-program' you can buy mentoring sessions to support you in developing a successful livelihood and/or practice in thriving.

Alternatively, you can scrum down and barrel through the program in a traditional non-stop style. In this case, a program year corresponds to a calendar year and the Diploma takes a minimum of 2 years.


Your ePortfolio is developed on the same platform - Mahara - that is used in Gaia University so that you have access to all Diploma and Degree associates for social networking and collaborative group working. Mahara includes an easy-to-use export function that means you can, at any time, export your entire portfolio ready for uploading it to any content management system of your choice. Thus, you are not locked-in to Mahara.

How to enroll: 

Unlike for degree program applicants, there is no formal admissions process. To enroll, go to our online registration form, create a username and password and then follow the link to the diploma registration form. Once you have filled out the form, follow the link to the catalog to choose your payment plan and make your first payment. You will receive correspondence from us upon completion of your registration. Feel free to Contact Us if you have questions.