Design Your Own Concentration

Designing your own concentration can be an extension of the work you will do in your Learning Intentions and Pathway Design (LIPD) in the early phases of your program.

You may either have a very good idea of what such a concentration might be before you start a program and/or you may observe your LIPD material for coherent patterns. You may wish, with help from your Main Adviser, to aggregate topics to create a focused concentration for your program.

Your concentration design may serve other associates who might like to consider adapting your concentration design for their own purposes.

Below we offer some examples of possible 'design your own' concentrations to inspire you to imagine how you might create a concentration custom-tailored to suit your own personal passions.



In an Integrative Ecosocial Design pathway, while it is not a requirement to have a concentration, you might consider these as project options: 

  • Designing and operating a keyline derived system for a given land division
  • Designing and implementing a holistic management approach to a farm
  • Creating a natural pharmacy suited to a particular micro-climate

Here are some examples of project focus options in an Open Topic pathway:

  • Delivering group facilitation focused on participation and inclusion
  • Preparing and implementing a strategy for converting a share-held company into a cooperative
  • Integrating arts and ecology

You will need to name the concentration of your degree pathway at least 2 months prior to graduation. This will be done in consultation with your Main Advisor and approved by our accreditors. It will be the title of your degree pathway on your diploma. You can find approved concentration titles here.