Deconstructing the Patrix

The Patrix (a Gaia University coinage meaning the 'patriarchal matrix' or matrix of oppression) is an ever present, potent and frequently invisible shape-maker of human cultures. It consists of thousands of dysfunctional thought patterns (memes) that function as a mutually supporting complex, interlocking system. These memes are installed in our individual, community, and cultural operating systems sometimes by contagion or by accident, and more often by patterns of oppression.

patrix bulldozerNone of us are free of the Patrix and its dehumanizing effects, although it seems that people who live in closer connection to nature may have more opportunity to heal from it as do people who actively bring their Patrix patterns into view and who have good technique and support to deconstruct them.

At Gaia University, we ask ourselves and all associates to include deconstruction of the Patrix on our lifelong agendas. We do this to weaken the possibility that we may unwittingly be vectors of its transmission and to increase the possibility that our designs for ecosocial regeneration are free of (at least) its worst aspects.

Since 2006, when we introduced this work to the curriculum, we have observed that as a person moves towards becoming Patrix-free they liberate increasingly flexible intelligences, more capacity and attention for resolving apparently contradictory issues, and a much better ability to understand other peoples' thinking (see Becoming an Ally) while lessening their own habits of self-distrust. We use re-evaluation counseling as the primary technique for this essential work.