Courses and Certificates Introduction


Gaia University offers a 6-month Online Orientation that all diploma and degree program associates must attend and complete for credit. It is also available to the general public as a stand-alone offering, either as a complete package or specific individual elements.

All courses of the Online Orientation are offered in 2-week Elements that contain a webinar as well as activities, readings, and forum postings. They fall under the following topics:

  • Learning Online with Gaia U
  • Unfolding Overall Program Design & Support Systems
  • Learning and Unlearning
  • Thinking About Worldviews
  • Life & Career Review (2-element module)
  • Project and Livelihood Design
  • Learning Intentions and Pathway Design (2-element module)
  • Growing Leaderful Communities
  • Managing Time, Managing Promises
  • Generating Fabulous Output Packets

For a broader overview of the Online Orientation, follow this link. Learn more details on each of the elements here.

Each Online Orientation is offered twice a year. Check out our calendar to see when the next cycle begins!