Concentration Options

All  associates in the Open Topic pathway are required to choose a concentration, which will be printed on your diploma. All other associates in the Integrative Ecosocial Design pathway are welcome, but not required, to choose a concentration. These elective concentrations will be printed on your Gaia University certificate, but not on your IMCA Diploma.

Electing to work with a concentration implies that you expect to spend about half your program time focusing on a designed and defined topic in your field.  

Here is a list of some of the concentrations other associates have chosen. Please note that this is just a list of possibilities.  You can also design your own concentration or not have one.

  • Organizing Learning for Ecosocial Regeneration
  • Applied Permaculture Design
  • Participatory Community Design
  • Regenerative Entrepreneurship
  • Beneficial Farm & Land Management
  • Regenerative Design & Nature Awareness
  • 8 Shields Cultural Mentoring
  • Regenerative Leadership
  • Peace & Conflict Management
  • Sustainable Money Design
  • Eco-Project Management
  • Bioregionalism
  • Ecosocial Management and Design
  • Integrative Arts and Ecology
  • Sustainable Organizational Management
  • Sustainable Event Management
  • Project Management for Cultural Development
  • Regenerative Community Design
  • Social Communication and Development
  • Design Your Own