Christian Schorpp

Christian Schorpp is a long-time nature mentor and teacher. His passion for connecting with nature on a deeper level was born after he read Tom Brownʻs book, The Tracker, as a young man. He made his first trip to Brown’s Tracker School in 1997. In 2000 he began the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, which he completed in 2004. A year later he met Jon Young and Mark Morey at their first Art of Mentoring workshop in Europe.

Christian has been offering workshops and trainings in wilderness skills and nature awareness since 1999. Since 2005 he has been Co-director of the Corvus Wilderness School in Southern Germany near Lake Constance. In 2006 Christian started to work with troubled youth as a nature connection mentor. Since then he learned a great deal about the art of “coyote mentoring” and the negative effects our society and schools have on the healthy development of young men.

While at another Jon Young Art of Mentoring workshop in Northern Germany Christian met Katharina Weber, a Gaia University advisor with the Gaia Action Learning Academy in Germany. It only took a single conversation with Katherina for Chris to realize that Gaia University was offering exactly what he needed to bring his mentoring skills to the next level.  He has graduated with a Masters degree.

Christian is currently working on the creation of new programs at the Corvus Wilderness School that are based on cultural mentoring and the caring and tending of third and fourth generation mentors. He is also intensely focused on bringing wilderness education into the mainstream. Christian uses coyote mentoring as the primary teaching tool in work with aggressive kids in an inner city public school and also provides one-on-one mentoring program for troubled boys.

The combination of peer and advisor support proved to be the right training ground for learning documentation and growth in my occupation as a mentor. Although studying meant hard work, it soon became clear that along with studying came freedom and creativity in the learning and designing processes of my own projects.