Accreditation (from the edge)

Our Accreditor

woman in greenhouseGaia University is accredited by the International Management Centers Association (IMC), a global leader in action learning since 1964. IMC works with and accredits more than 60 corporations worldwide to create recognition for, and further the impact of, action learning in the field of business. While Gaia University has a different focus, IMC supports and accredits us because of our dedicated use of action learning in the field of ecosocial regeneration and our strict adherence to their quality assurance system. 

IMC, through its wholly owned Revans is authorized by the Education Reform Act of 1988 and its amendments to grant degrees in the UK.

Our Approach to Accreditation

The problems of social and ecological degeneration are systemic world problems, not national problems. Higher education, therefore, should be offered as part of an international vision oriented towards learning how to act constructively within the full complexities of globalized human societies. Furthermore, there is an urgent need to unite learning with positive action in the world. Real-world projects that promote planetary healing and social justice are not only superb contexts for learning, but also allow the learner to actively address some of the most critical issues facing our world today.

When we were seeking a means to accredit Gaia University programs, we required an accreditation agency that was both international in character and clearly recognized the value of distributed, project-based action learning. Most accreditation agencies are oriented strongly towards nationalized, campus-and-content based learning, separated from action in the world.

cutting fireboardWe are pleased to have found the IMC, which fully supports our vision of higher education and has a quality assurance system that meets our own high standards for Gaia University graduates.

Quality Assurance

Gaia University’s program design and delivery are quality assured through the protocols specified by the IMC Quality Assurance System, which requires all of our program faculty and key advisors to meet specified competence and qualification standards. Each degree program we design is examined and registered with IMC before we offer it to our associates. 

The work of our associates undergoes meticulous review, both internally and externally. Our independent, external reviewers are carefully selected for their high academic and professional standing, their strong higher educational review experience and their understanding of the nature of action learning. Gaia University itself undergoes quarterly IMC evaluation and is inspected and re-certified on a yearly basis.

External Funding and Transfer: Gaia University does not seek funding from government Departments of Education, nor are we listed with them. Student associates taking our degrees do not, generally, attract government funding either.

Gaia University degrees do not automatically qualify a person for employment with civil services nor do they transfer with ease into credits with conventional universities. It is more likely to be able to parlay a full degree into a more advanced degree program at a progressive but more conventional university.  Several of our graduates have done so.

Having a portfolio of work completed during the course of study has enabled our graduates to demonstrate their real life skills, often much sought after by other universities or employers. Our action learning graduates who have cultivated their entrepreneurial skills during their programs often prefer to start their own businesses or consultancies as an alternative to employment.


Gaia University is an official contributor to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

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